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With a wealth of activities in Hannibal, the riverside town offers some of the best dining, entertainment and entertainment in the state of Missouri. Every year, something new is added to the escape rooms, from zombies to paintball. If you have the courage or the courage, your local organization, the Junior Chamber of Jaycees, is setting up a haunted house called "The Warehouse of Nightmares," which is guaranteed to make you tremble. The experience is not for the faint of heart, so don't be a hero, just watch your spirits.

If you have a goal in life to sleep with a ghost, check out the Garden House Bed and Breakfast. There are many possibilities for those interested in ghost hunting alone or with friends, but if you want to sleep with ghosts, you should definitely take a look.

If you're looking for a home-made treat for the whole family, head to Hannibal's LaBinnah's Bistro on Millionaires Row, housed in an 1870s Victorian house. If you want to eat in the same place Mike enjoys, you can go to Hannibal La Bistros, Dinette's and Mark Twains if you want to enjoy homemade lager. There are many stories of deaths associated with Queen Anne's Victorian home, starting with the death of her husband William in the first year after it was completed in 1896. The house was then sold to a new family, only to lose her young son at the age of three.

Mike Wolfe and the crew of the American Pickers travel 100 miles north of St. Louis for a week - long trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Grabbing a bite after a long day of harvesting, they learn that there are more than 1,000 different types of crabs in the region, many of which live in Hannibal.

When you roll into town, the first thing you have to do is secure a spot on the Haunted Hannibal. You can also buy a dress by Mark Twain Oxford, but if you've forgotten your ticket, it's still available for $25.

You will meet some of the incredible people who lived in Hannibal and hear stories of murder and mischief. They will sit back to hear the tradition handed down to the community by generations, about the spirits who loved Hannibal so much that they never left him again. For more information about Hannibal activities, visit the famous Mark Twain Cave and the Old Baptist Cemetery - where Hannibal Lecter, one of Hannibal's most notorious murderers, is buried.

Hannibal is unique for many reasons, but like most cities, its history has a bright and a dark side. The story is fascinating, whether spooky or not, and it is the historic two-lane town of Hannibal that reminds us that charm bebe charm.

The house of writer Mark Twain evokes a sweet nostalgia in visitors, and you can see how Hannibal pays homage to the city's history in many ways, from the early days of the Civil War to its present day history. On the other hand, the blood - the war and its consequences - is still in the air, but not as strong as it used to be.

When the Today show traveled to bed - and breakfast - to film a segment, its cameras often died in a fire, and guests often reported depression leaving the beds and someone looking out the window watching people. The owner even says that all the breakfast cutlery and table decorations prepared for guests the night before are moved in the morning. Java Jive employees often listen to ragtime - piano music played in an empty building - and have their eyes open to watch it when the store closes.

Some of the grocers are local non-profit organisations, and the food at the festival is always for a good cause, so it's worth a visit.

The ghost tour takes you to the same cemetery where people have been resting for more than 170 years. The night-time drainage ride is a historical-based guided tour of one of the state's most famous ghost towns. There's even an American - made from heather - grey cap on sale for $5 at the end of the ride.

Silly or scary, you never know what you're going to see, but real people will be in the windows and the signs will mimic the ads from the time they appeared. You will find that while walking you can read a history lesson to passers-by while exploring this historic river city. The businessmen who once worked in this city are painted on the walls of the old town hall and other public buildings, as well as on the streets and sidewalks.

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More About Hannibal