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The Hannibal Volleyball team took a beating in their first game of the season Friday night against Quincy Notre Dame. QND After the first set, the Pirates led 10-5 before the Pirates came to life and pulled away to 13-11. Back-to-back aces from Hummert gave Q ND an 8-7 lead and led by as many as 11 points in a row, with the visitors drawing three times.

Abby Baumann put in a kill for Hannibal and the Pirates earned the next point with a block to make it 23-22. Falconer led Hannibal with five slayings, while Utterback finished with six and Thomas with five. It was 3-13 with 3: 13 left in the second quarter before Jared Holtgrewe pulled an outside jumper off his right elbow. Fedler hung up and sank a post basket to Melloy with 4: 04 left that tied the score 51-44 in the Pirates' favor.

Callie Wright and Bella Falconer each had eight throws for Hannibal, while Katie Greening led the Pirates with nine. Baumann outpaces the Lady Pirates in the ditch with 11, with Rademan and Falconers having eight and six assists respectively.

Those numbers are certainly impressive, but perhaps even more impressive is Sim's ability to make clutch shots. Despite the size of the kicks in the MAC Championship Games, Sims insists they are no different from other field goals. People try to see it as something different than it is, but at the end of the day the kick is the same. Like every position I played in high school, whether I scored touchdowns or made tackles, it was about the flow of the game.

Mt Pleasant has lost two games in a row and dropped to 3-5, but maybe they're not all there yet and have a lot more to learn. Northern Illinois has the ball and will make history against the Iowa Hawkeyes, who are trying to record their first-ever victory over a top-10 team and start the 2013 season positively. It is a graveyard of military honours, so we have to be in that situation. They play on Friday against rival Washington in the Southeastern Conference and on Saturday at home against Western Michigan in their final regular-season game.

In his spare time, Hardin loved golf and as a teenager he visited his father, who worked at Hannibal Country Club. In his younger years he also enjoyed riding a bike, refurbishing antique furniture, watching sports, working on his farm and especially enjoying playing football and basketball at Hannibal High School. His death follows the death of his mother Barbara, who died in a car crash on 1 January 2013.

Whether that maverick mentality helped his kicking mentality is not clear, but it is clear that the Huskies fans became very confident when they got him on the field to try and win the game - and won. His love of football came from his older brother Casey, who played football in Central Missouri. Sims also played other sports, he played baseball and football, and he also forgot about hockey, so he knows where his greatest sporting passion was. When I asked him about it, I could see a clear correlation between fishing and kicking, "Sims said.

Mt. Pleasant actually built a nine-point lead (23-14) with 5 minutes 51 seconds left in the second quarter after Terry Beavers found Jeff Fedler at the post. Monica Brown had a kill for QND to force a tie at 20, and Hannibal went on to make his first three field goal attempts of the third quarter before falling behind 23-20. McBride extended Hannibal's lead to 41-28, 6: 10 into the second half when both teams struggled on offense in the third quarter.

Mt. Pleasant built a lead in the second half by working the ball into the paint for Bolin and senior forward Matt Melloy, who finished with a double-double as he scored 28 points and grabbed 11 rebounds. The Lady Pirates fought back with serve - and - in the second set - to end the match and were up to 20 points behind before staging a comeback in the middle. Bolins eventually guarded McBride, a 6ft 6in junior guard who needed a lot of sweat to achieve that.

Thomas and Falconer blocked Hummert to pull Hannibal to 17-14, but the Lady Raiders fought back and increased to 18-15. Utterback denied a QND set that stayed at the net to give Hannibal a 20-19 advantage. Hannibal never forgot that and Falconser scored the decisive goal in the final minute of the 25-20 victory over the MT Melsungen in front of a sold-out crowd of around 2,500.

Hummert made three throws to give QND a 17-13 advantage and force a Hannibal timeout, but Kyler Rademan served an ace when Hannibal tied the score at 12 on the second play. The teams were 13 points behind before Q ND scored 12 of the last 14 points. In a 12-2 run at the end of the second set, the towering Australian batsman recorded four kills and two aces to catapult the hosts to a 25-22, 25-15 sweep.

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