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Celebrate the beginning of summer with live music and enjoy fresh air and water - refrigerated Volkswagens at the Hahnemann Music Festival in St. Louis, Missouri on Saturday, July 2.

Children can also enjoy a Mark Twain Birthday Bash to celebrate his 184th birthday on Saturday, July 2, at the Hahnemann Music Festival in St. Louis, Missouri. Enjoy live music, food, drinks and fun with family and friends at this annual festival of music and entertainment.

Other activities include food trucks, live music from local bands, grocery stores, a children's area and a variety of activities for children and adults.

Music, food, and games are available to Rotary Club Hannibal, and drinks are available for purchase. Autumn Harvest Festival, food trucks, live music from local bands, a children's area and more are offered from 7 p.m. Food and drink can be purchased at the festival from 6 to 8 p.m., and admission for adults is $5. To book a campsite or make a reservation, call (Hannibal, Mon.) 713 - 543 - 8500 or (Columbia, MO)

Support the Hannibal community and local businesses and plan your weekend and weekend entertainment with this site. For more information about the festival and other local events in Hannibal, Missouri, visit www.visithannibal.com.

Join us and help us open Christmas with the annual Hannibal Music Festival on Saturday, December 2, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Music and buskers roam the crowd, local grocers cook on wood-burning stoves, and guests can sample beer from brewers fighting for big prices and bragging rights. The Mark Twain Boyhood Home Museum, a non-profit organization that celebrated its 50th anniversary in May 2012, has created a new exhibition that commemorates the life and legacy of the world's most famous poet, writer, actor and comedian. Win a ticket to Mark Twain Day at the museum on Saturday, December 2, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The city, which initially grew slowly with 30 residents in 1830, was propelled to 2020 by the growth of the Missouri and its connection with the Mississippi. In 1831, the first public school, the St. Louis Public Library and the city's first post office were built to connect the two cities, as well as the city of Hannibal, Missouri's second largest city.

Four years later, the first steamship to run regularly between Galena and St. Louis was launched, and Hannibal was one of the stops. In these years of rapid growth, Jane and John Marshall Clemens and their six children moved to Hannibal, one that the city would immortalize in the movie "Hannibal, Missouri," a film about the life and times of John and Jane.

Most St. Charles residents welcomed the troop, which brought a million dollars to the city; director Paul Krasny alone collected 80 canes and 30 quilts at one of the local antique shops. Don Antonio Soulard used the brook when he surveyed it in the 19th century, and in 1830 investors founded a town on the East Coast called Marion City, twelve miles upstream of Hannibal. The new village was surveyed in 1819 and named Hannibal by Bates, probably because of its name.

Looking up from the banks of the Mississippi, it is hard to remember Hannibal being almost exempt from a massive flood in 1993. When the makers of "Back to Hannibal" arrived to crush the now-adult lynch mob, the city seemed godforsaken. Hannibal lives on the river, which often runs along Main Street, and the $47,380 offered the filmmakers everything they needed: a hotel, a movie theater, an auditorium, two movie theaters, four movie theaters, three theaters and a Mississippi County courthouse, as well as a train station.

Shopping offers a wonderful variety of items in local stores, and as if that wasn't enough, the streets of historic downtown Hannibal are full of merchants. Many of the shops here specialize in accessible people, which appeals to tourists who come here to see Mark Twain's hometown. The sales pitch is something like "Come to Hannibal, it's cheaper and easier to live here than to come to an art exhibition.

From November 30, you can visit the windows of the historic Hannibal Town House and brighten up the Christmas spirit. The Christmas Spectacle on November 30 starts at 7 p.m. at the Hannibal Civic Center and will continue until midnight on Saturday, December 2, with live music, food and entertainment.

For over 60 years of tradition, this family-friendly festival offers something for all ages and interests. Founded in 1965, the Missouri Arts Council is responsible for promoting the arts and culture of Hannibal and the rest of Missouri and the nation.

In Hannibal, small businesses sponsor festivals and organizations and help support local sports teams. For many artists here, Dominiak says, "Whether you're a militant artist or not, you can make the art community thrive. If you're looking for a hotel, we recommend staying at the Hannibal City Hotel or one of the St. Louis County hotels.

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